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After 12 years of practice, Dr. Soomekh founded the Foot & Ankle Specialty Group in 2013. Our beautiful and tranquil office lends to a peaceful visit with the doctor. We offer state of the art diagnostic equipment and treatment services right here in the office, a “one stop shop.”

The office is available for consultations 5 days a week. We offer same day appointments as needed. Dr. Soomekh is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

28 Bones

The complexity of the anatomy that makes up the Foot and Ankle is what allow them to function so efficiently. It is this same intricacy that can lead to so many painful conditions that affect millions of people every year.

When our Feet or Ankles hurt, everything hurts. Each step is painful, leading to favoring the extremity and limping. This can lead to pain in the leg, the hip, and the back. It can become a daily struggle just to move around and perform daily living tasks. Foot or ankle pain cannot and should not be ignored.

In the same respect, foot and ankle deformities should always be addressed. Mal-alignments and deviations from the normal anatomy can lead to long-term consequences and pain. Often, these deformities can be controlled or repaired and reconstructed.

Early diagnosis means early treatment which leads to quicker recovery and return to normal life and activity.

Dr. David Soomekh’s primary focus, mission, and goal as a leading Foot and Ankle Specialist is to make the proper diagnosis, effective treatment, functional outcomes, and getting the patient back to normal daily and sport activities. This is only achieved with the help of the skills and knowledge of a highly trained and experienced physician who understands the intricate complexities of the foot and ankle and the underlying conditions that lead to pathology and eventual pain.

Most foot and ankle conditions arise from a deeper primary problem with the structure and or function of the anatomy. The specialist must have a clear appreciation for these intricacies in order to make the correct diagnosis and offer the proper treatment options to the patient.

Dr. David Soomekh is a specialist for the conservative and surgical treatment of all conditions involving the lower extremity, ankle, and foot. He uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and offering the highest quality conservative treatment options and experience using the most advanced surgical instruments and techniques.

The First Visit: What to Expect

The most difficult hurdle has been met, once the decision is made to visit the specialist. Making an appointment over the phone or online is a seamless experience. The highly trained and courteous staff will accommodate the patient’s needs. The patient will have the opportunity to fill out their “paperwork” online or at the office through their secure and personal Patient Portal. We strive to make the initial visit and wait time to see the doctor as timely as possible.

The remaining process of meeting with the doctor, receiving a diagnosis, and eventual treatment, should be easy and comfortable. The patient will have the opportunity to relay to Dr. Soomekh the history and state of their problem. He will take the time to listen and ask questions to get to the root of the condition. After careful communication, a thorough examination will be performed with a hand-on approach. The clinical exam will focus on the area of concern and will involve a global analysis of the lower extremity and body in order to analyze potential contributing factors. Both feet and ankles will be examined and a gait analysis may be performed.

Once the examination is complete, Dr. Soomekh may choose to use one or more different diagnostic tools he has in his office to aid in the proper diagnosis. If needed, low dose digital X-Rays or 3D Ct Scan specific for the lower extremity, will be taken and read and shown to the patient by the doctor. Ultra modern Diagnostic Ultrasound may also be used, in the office, to examine soft tissue problems. Dr. Soomekh will take the time to provide a detailed explanation of the diagnosis and its etiology.

Now that there is a working diagnosis, the doctor will offer the patient a customized treatment plan. Dr. Soomekh strives to offer several conservative treatment options whenever possible. Some of these include simple rest, with time, and use of anti-inflammatory therapy, physical therapy, custom molded orthotics, or use of an advanced protective walking boot, casting with crutches, or cortisone injections. Follow up visits will be scheduled in a manner pertaining to the individual’s diagnosis and healing rate.

In the cases where conservative options have failed or are not available, the doctor will offer state-of-the surgical treatment options. Surgery of the foot and ankle is highly advanced and specialized and should be performed by skilled and experienced surgeons.

Dr. Soomekh is experienced in all aspects of surgical care for the foot and ankle. He has access to and has been trained and with the use if the latest equipment surgical techniques. Determining the correct procedure for each patient will not be not solely based on the diagnosis, but will involve careful consideration of factors such as the patient’s age, needs and expectations, activity level, work life, home life, bone quality, and other health conditions.

Dr. Soomekh will follow the patient throughout the recovery period until a full return to normal activity and lifestyle.


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We are here for you. You may have lots of questions and concerns in these uncertain times, and I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure you that we’re here to support your Foot and Ankle needs. Our office is safe sterile and our highest priority is the safety and health of our patients, employees and the communities in which we live and work. With that in mind, we wanted to update you on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak.

• We are disinfecting surfaces more frequently, asking all patients to use hand sanitizer before stepping up to the registration desk, and disinfecting exam rooms and any surfaces touched by patients.
• We are staggering patient exam times to minimize social contact in the office.
• We are leaving all doors open so there is no touching of handles.
• We are disinfecting all equipment between patients, and disinfecting the general office multiple times daily
• We are using enhanced hand-washing between each patient, and wearing a new set of gloves for each patient.
My staff and I are working closely with local public health departments and following the The Coronavirus Taskforce, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to ensure we remain up-to-date on the situation, have knowledge of the most current guidelines, and are continually reviewing, refining, and implementing our processes in response to changes in the situation.
I have been proud to serve you and the community. We thank you for trusting us with your care, and we’re here to support you and your family.