pedCAT™ 3D CT Scan

Introducing the pedCAT™ CT

In an effort to bring the best quality of care to his patients, Dr. Soomekh is proud to offer the latest in CT scan imaging with the pedCAT™ lower extremity scanner.

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pedCAT scanner

The Foot & Ankle Specialty Group is the only facility in the area, and one of only 26 in the country, offering this technology in the office.

There is no more need to send the patient to an imaging center and wait for the results. The scan is taken under 30 seconds right in the office. The images are evaluated by the doctor and shared with the patient within minutes of the scan.

Virtually the same dose as traditional 2D x-rays with much more information!

The pedCAT™ is the first in-office 3D weight bearing CT system dedicated to the foot and ankle

What is a CT Scan

A CT scan is an advanced imaging technique that takes can see within the bones and create 3D images of the bones of the foot and ankle.

3D CT Image

Traditional X-rays are limited to views in 2D. CT images are thin “slices” through the part in order to be able to visualize the intricate parts of the bones and joints. These images can then be digitally assembled into a 3D image allowing to evaluate the foot and ankle with more accuracy. There is a significant amount of information a CT scan can deliver. With this information the exact relationship of the bones with each other leads to better and more accurate diagnosis.

The pedCAT™ is used to evaluate:

  • Fractures of the Foot Ankle
  • Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle
  • Pre-operative planning for Bone Surgery
  • Proper bone healing after Surgery or Fracture
  • Dislocations
  • Non-unions
  • Delayed Healing
  • Poor joint relationships
  • Angular deformities

Much more…

For more information about pedCAT™ 3D CT Scan, or to schedule an appointment, please complete our online form or call 310.651.2366.

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