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Foot Conditions Beverly Hills, CAYour feet work hard. They work even harder if you have a job that requires you to stand for most of the day. The following tips will help you diminish your foot pain and give them some long-awaited TLC.

Get the right shoes

As you shop for new shoes this season, be mindful of how your feet feel. If you try on a pair of amazing looking shoes, but they’re painful to wear, don’t buy them. Your feet will thank you for it later.

Know what kind of foot shape you have

Lightly dip your foot in some water then step on a paper bag, then step off. The outline of your foot will tell you if you have a high arch, normal arch, or flat feet. If the image shows only half of your arch, you have a normal arch. If nearly all of your entire foot was imprinted, you have a flat foot. If there is only a thin strip connecting your heel to the ball of your foot, you have a high arch. When you shop for shoes, remember the type of arch you have so you can have the proper support for your type of foot.

High arches need support

If you have high arches, opt for shoes with straps, buckles, or laces. Additional cushioning and a soft platform will create added comfort. Have a sales associate help you locate shoes with solid arch support and a slightly raised heel.

Flat feet need inserts

You can purchase shoe inserts online or at your local shoe store. Custom inserts can help enhance comfort, but they can cost more.

Throw your flip-flops away

You should not be wearing flip-flops on a regular basis. They are just fine for the beach or locker room showers but can wreak havoc on your feet by causing tendinitis, stress fractures, and heel pain.

Know how to cut your toenails

If you cut corners on your toenails, an ingrown nail can result. This condition can be excessively painful, especially if you’re trying to squeeze your foot into a shoe. Be sure to cut your toenails straight across.

Schedule a consultation

If you are having foot pain, call our office today at 310.651.2366. At Foot & Ankle Specialty Group, we pride ourselves in offering quality care.

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