Four smart ways to prevent foot pain

foot conditions | foot pain treatment | foot surgery | Beverly Hills, CA The average American adult will walk 100,000 miles during their lifetime. That is equivalent to walking the entire stretch of the United States, coast to coast, 36 times. With how much we use our feet, we may neglect to care for them. Here are four smart ways to help prevent foot pain.

  1. It might be time to say goodbye to high-heels: If you’re serious about avoiding foot pain, high heels are the place to start. If you are a die hard high heel fan, this may be hard to swallow, but research says it’s worth it. Studies show that after only one hour of wearing heels, your feet will start to hurt. High heels contort the toes into a tight pointy shape and are left there for hours. This can lead to ingrown toenails, blisters, bunions, back pain, deformed toes, and shortened calf muscles.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight: Your feet have the task of carrying the weight of your whole body. The math is simple, the more weight, the more they have to work. Twenty pounds is enough to alter the way your feet operate. As weight increases, the force on your feet will as well, which can induce pain. If your foot pain is so significant that it is stopping you from exercising, try a low impact sport instead.
  3. Enhance your flexibility: As we age, our calf muscles will automatically become tighter. This added tightness puts extra pressure on the balls of your feet. Start to include regular calf stretching exercises as part of your workout routine.
  4. Invest in shoes that fit comfortably: Feet size and shape will alter as we age. Many people haven’t had their foot sized for decades and could be wearing the wrong size shoe. If you’re wearing shoes that are too small, you may experience heel pain, bunions, or calluses. Go to a store you trust where you can get both of your feet sizes. Sometimes, one foot could be slightly larger or smaller than the other. Keep in mind that your feet will swell throughout the day, so be sure to go shoe shopping before evening.

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