How to Know if you are at Risk for Hammertoe

Hammer Toe Beverly Hills, CAWhen there are a muscle and ligament imbalance around the joint of the toe, hammertoe can result. This imbalance can force the middle toe of the joint to bend and get stuck. Those with hammertoe often report feeling pain on the top of the bent toe. Toes that curl instead of the buckle are also considered hammertoes.

Am I at risk?

Women are more likely to suffer from hammertoe due to the types of shoes they tend to wear. Those with diabetes or poor blood circulation are also more likely to have serious issues with hammertoe because they have a higher risk for foot infections and foot ulcers. Investing in custom orthopedic shoes can sometimes prevent this specific problems.

Hammertoe may be inherited and is more likely in those with flat feet or those with a high arch. Toe injuries are also to blame for hammertoe. If shoes are ill-fitting, too short, or too tight, they can force the toes out of balance. Wearing high heeled shoes can put a particularly enormous amount of pressure on the toes. Aging and arthritis are also associated with developing hammertoe.

How do I know if I have hammertoe?

You may have hammertoe if: it hurts the top of your toes to put on shoes, you have corns on the top of the toe joint, you see red swelling on the toe joint, it is hard to move the toe joint, or the ball of the foot beneath the bent toe feels painful.

When should I call my doctor?

If your feet hurt regularly, you should contact your doctor and arrange an exam. If you indeed have the hammertoe, you will require medical attention. It best to seek treatment early on before the problem progresses.

Arrange a consultation

If you exhibit any of the aforementioned symptoms associates with the hammertoe, call our office today at 310.651.2366. At Foot & Ankle Specialty Group, we pride ourselves on offering quality care.

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