Foot Pain? You might have Flat Feet

Flat Feet Beverly Hills, CALeg pain, achy feet, difficulty standing on your toes, and back pain are all symptoms of flat feet or fallen arches. Many individuals have flat feet but do not always show the signs. Flat feet result when the tendons in your foot do not pull together correctly and there is little or no arch. Typically, an adult foot has an upward curve in the middle that is created by the tight tendon bands that attach at the foot bones and heel. When this is not the case, severe pain can sometimes result.

Test yourself

You can easily assess your feet to determine if you are flat footed. First, get your feet wet then stand on a flat surface where you’ll be able to see your foot print. If there is a complete imprint of your foot on the flat surface, you likely have fallen arches. Sometimes young children appear to have flat feet, but when they stand on their toes a subtle arch will appear. In many cases, as children grow older, arches will develop.

What causes flat feet?

The most common reasons that adults have flat feet include: stretched or torn tendons, an abnormality that has existed since birth, inflammation or damage to the posterior tibial tendon (PTT), dislocated bones, broken bones, nerve challenges, rheumatoid arthritis. Your risk of flat feet increases with age. It is also more common if you are obese, have diabetes, or are pregnant.

How to treat flat feet

The treatment for fallen feet prescribed by your doctor depends on the severity of your condition. For some, flat feet cause little to no pain and treatment is unneeded. For others, daily treatment may be required to help alleviate the discomfort. Treatment methods include: stretching exercises, physical therapy, medication, injected medications to decrease inflammation, removing bones, fusing bones together, altering the shape of the bone, rest, and ice to reduce swelling.

Arrange a consultation

If you exhibit any of the above mentioned symptoms of flat feet, contact Foot and Ankle Specialty group today. Don’t go one more day with the pain of flat feet. Let us help you by contacting our office in Beverly Hills, California at 310.651.2366.

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