How to Restart your Fitness Regimen after a Foot or Ankle Injury

Ankle Sprains Beverly Hills, CAWith the New Year fully underway, you’ve likely noticed the extra emphasis on fitness resolutions. Unfortunately, this can be a taxing time for people who are waiting to heal from a foot or ankle injury so they can jump back on the treadmill. Before you launch into your fitness resolutions for the year, here are some important tips to remember as your foot or ankle heals.

Get approval from your doctor

You might feel ready to go mountain biking again, but your doctor or physical therapist may not think so. Check with your specialist before you begin any sports or physical fitness activities. Be patient with your body and the healing process as you work with your specialist to strengthen and heal your injury.

Don’t ignore your body

When you are recovering from an injury, it can be normal to feel slight discomfort or pain as you resume former activities. But if you feel intense pain or agony during or after your workout, you’ve gone too far. To avoid this, pay attention to the signals your body is giving you during and after your workout. If you’ve overworked yourself, you may need to rest a few days before you can resume any exercise.

Take it slow

Even if you could once run around your neighborhood in 10 minutes with ease, don’t be so quick to try it after an injury. You need focused patience to ensure that you are not pushing yourself too hard. A good guideline is to begin working out at 50% of your normal level. Every week add 10%-15% more effort. Remember, listen to your body and adjust your physical effort to what it tells you it can handle.

Expand your activities

Cross training is particularly effective for those recovering from an injury. Cross training involves doing a variety of activities that strengthen a different part of your body. This will allow you to stay in shape while your injured ankle or foot continues to heal. For example, if you injured your ankle while biking, try swimming instead.

Schedule a consultation

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