Are Toe Stretchers the Bunion Cure You’ve Been Waiting For?

Bunion Beverly Hills, CAFoot problems have an enormous impact on quality of life. It’s difficult to understand this unless you’ve lived with a fracture, plantar fasciitis, bunion, or other ongoing condition. Because we cannot stay off of our feet, a painful condition can create quite the sense of urgency to find a reliable solution; a cure, have you. We would love nothing more than to see our patients relieved of foot pain for good! Here, we want to take a look at toe stretchers and their value in managing pain from bunions, and possibly even plantar fasciitis.

Toe Stretchers: What are they and How do They Work?

Toe stretchers are often referred to as Yoga Toes. This is not a term; it’s a brand name. If you’ve ever had a pedicure, you could think of toe stretchers as the material that is placed in between the toes to separate them, so nail polish does not get inadvertently nicked.

Devices that spread the toes out are intended for more than separation, though; they are made to stretch the joints, ligaments, and muscles of the foot, too. Such products claim to lengthen the toes and increase the flexibility of the foot. As such, toe stretchers are said to help with not only bunions and plantar fasciitis, but also gout, foot cramps, hammertoes, and more.

Toe stretchers are made for daily wear, but not for continual wear. They may be worn during the evening when activity is limited. Some people wear them while they sleep. However, this is not recommended at first. Daily wear should start with short, 15-minute periods, and gradually increase from there. Wearing stretchers for too long, too often, may lead to uncomfortable cramps in toes and feet.

What you Need to Know

Bunions are a particularly difficult problem to live with. We understand the strong desire to correct this structural issue. Wearing toe stretchers may improve the overall comfort level during times of activity. However, to perceive such devices as a cure, a protocol that will reduce the size of a bunion, would be to ensure frustration and disappointment.

What toe stretchers may be able to do is ease foot pain and increase circulation to the feet. Used in conjunction with other habits such as soaking feet in the warm or cold water and wearing comfortable shoes, this remedy may facilitate a better quality of life.

Don’t live with foot pain. Get to the cause, and explore treatment options with a qualified foot and ankle specialist. Call our Beverly Hills office at 310-651-2366.

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