Your Foot Tingling could be a Neuroma

Neuroma  Beverly Hills, CADoes it feel like there are small pebbles under your foot or shooting pain into a toe? Do you feel an electric sensation, numbness, burning, or tingling in the toes or feet? These are all symptoms of a neuroma. When nerves become injured and swollen, it is called a neuroma. Severe injury to a nerve can be excessively painful and result in loss of functionality. These nerves require time and patience to heal.

What to watch out for

In addition to the symptoms listed, patients who have a neuroma also complain about a clicking feeling beneath the ball of the foot. This occurs as the swollen nerves rub between the bones of the foot. Often, patients feel additional pain when they have an uptick in physical activity, like running. If your shoes lack proper cushioning, physical activity can be especially painful for those with a neuroma.

How did I get a neuroma?

A neuroma is the result of severe injury or consistent nerve trauma. Activities that can cause such an injury include jumping then landing on the ball of the foot or stepping hard on the ground while barefooted. A fracture in the metatarsal near the nerves can also create a neuroma pain as well as repetitive motions and overuse.

How do I fix it?

During a clinical exam, Dr. Soomekh will ask you questions about your symptoms, pain, health history, and other important points in order to properly diagnose your foot pain. The exam will also include a foot and gait assessment. X-rays of the foot may be required. Using ultrasound, Dr. Soomekh can evaluate nerve damage in your foot and determine actual swelling. In some cases, an MRI may be required to make a comprehensive assessment and diagnosis.

After your diagnosis, Dr. Soomekh may recommend one or more of the following treatments: at home therapy and ice application, custom molded orthotics, cortisone injections, chemical denervation/alcohol injection series, or surgical treatment.

Arrange your consultation

If you think you may have a neuroma, don’t hesitate to call Foot & Ankle Specialty Group today. Call our team at 310.651.2366, located in Beverly Hills, California and schedule your appointment.

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