Bunions: What You Need to Know

With the warmer weather comes the opportunity to sport your fun sandals or flip flops. But if you live with bunions, you may not feel like donning those summer shoes. Besides the fact that bunions are unsightly, they’re also painful, especially if you don’t wear the right shoe. If you’re thinking about doing something about that large bump protruding from your big toe, here are some things to know about bunions.

What Causes Bunions?
There are several reasons people get bunions. In some cases, it’s hereditary. In others, it could be due to way you walk or the type of shoes you wear. While high-heeled shoes are common culprits for bunions, any shoe that is too tight or too narrow can put you at greater risk of developing them. Women tend to get bunions more than men, especially with age.

Finding Relief
If you have a bunion, consider the following to help relieve the pain and pressure you feel:

–          Choose footwear that fits well, ideally shoes that are wide in the toe area

–          Watch your weight, as excess pounds equates to excess pressure and pain in your feet

–          Use moleskin or a foot pad in your shoes to protect your bunion

–          Take anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen for pain as directed

–          Soak your feet in warm, oscillating water

–          Apply an ice pack periodically to the area

–          Talk to your doctor about the possibility of wearing a splint to keep your toe straight while you sleep

When Surgery Is Needed
Bunions can be a pre-cursor to other foot problems like hammertoes and bursitis. And if they are causing you great pain for more than a year, it may be time for surgery. A surgical procedure can help reposition your big toe by putting bones, ligaments and tendons back in their rightful place. A surgical procedure also involves removing the bursitis bump.

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